14 Amazing Things To Do Staying Home During COVID19 Outbreak


The world has never been to such a difficult time than ever before. Due to the novel COVID19 outbreak, it’s highly advised to stay home for the next few days. Now here is a list of things to do at home to kill boredom or to stay productive.

You can help the nation staying back at home. We have prepared a list of things for you that can keep you engage all day.

Things To Do At Home

  1. Family Time: What best you can ask for? Spent some good time with your loved ones, talk about the good times, good memories. Help your mother/wife/sister in cooking food and cleaning home. Share some beautiful moments to cherish it for a lifetime.
  2. Video Call: Social distancing is advised, but you can make a group video call and reach out to your friends and have some fun time too.
  3. Read a Book: Book reading opens up a new world and help’s increasing your imagination power. Go check out for a book and start reading.
  4. Watch Movies and Series: Now this is something I am sure you all have been doing. Still, I have added in the list just in case if someone missed it. Comment below your recommendation and help others to join the boat.
  5. Write a Blog: This website is a great example. We can not stay back home being unproductive. Hence we decide to help the nation providing live corona statistics of India and write a blog related to corona and create safety awareness.
  6. Check your finance and paperwork: Many of us are a bit lazy when it comes to paperwork and taxation work. It’s really a good time to optimize for all your activity-related to all paperwork, finance and taxation check-ups.
  7. Work from home: Not many of your job profile allows for ‘work from home’ But there are many online freelancing jobs on portals like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, etc. Go check them out and start making bucks working home.
  8. Songs & Music Instruments: Songs and music changes mood and makes surrounding positive. Play your favorite music instrument, sing and record a song.
  9. Exercise, Yoga & Mediation: You have plenty of time. Why not spend on your health? Do exercise or yoga at home that keeps you fit. I highly recommend spending at least 30 min a day meditating and finding peace. Believe me, you will feel amazing.
  10. Personal Hygiene: Often due to daily busy routine you sometimes ignore taking care of yourself. Let’s use this time to keep your hygiene. Take a long hot water bath, cut nails, check home remedies for skin and hair care.
  11. Make business plans for next weeks, months: After a few weeks when things are back to normal, you will start working. You can use this time to make strategies and plan to work on for the next few months and so on.
  12. Play indoor games: There are many indoor games you can play with family. Cards, carrom, monopoly, chess are few of them. Comment below your suggestion on indoor games, and help others.
  13. Discover New Hobbies: At this time you can discover new hobbies. Look around for things that interest you. It can be cooking or painting or writing. You have to figure out.
  14. Play Online Games: Not much, but you can spend some time playing games online with friends.


Now comment down your idea of spending time at home and help others to kill boredom and stay productive.

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