The Youth of Raj-Jayant Group of Bhayandar Donates Masks to the Needy People


The threat of pandemic novel coronavirus is increasing day by day. The government of India has advised everyone to take precautionary measures in order to stay safe from the deadly disease coronavirus. The basic precautionary measure that is to be followed is to wear a mask so that the virus does not enter into our body or it does not spread further.

Looking at this situation, people started doing business of these masks. As the demand for these masks increased, the rates of the masks increased invariably very high. The rates have increased so much that it is becoming difficult for the poor and the needy people to buy it.

Taking this issue seriously, the youth of “Raj-Jayant Sadharmik Bhakti Group” of Bhayandar, Mumbai decided to donate these masks to the poor and the needy people for free. This was an amazing activity in campaign #IndiaFightsCorona.

The youths aged between 20 to 40 years themselves went to slum areas to donate the masks and to spread awareness about the deadly diseases. They also donated the masks to the auto-rickshaw drivers by stopping the autos on roads and making them wear immediately. The youth of this group believe that it is very important to spread awareness about this disease. We might not be infected by the virus right now but it is very important that everyone is taking proper steps to fight against the corona.

This was a great step in the #IndiaFightsCorona campaign. There has been lots of negativity all around us from the past few days. If you think that this kind of activity will spread some kind of positivity in society then please do share this article and encourage everyone to spread and practice such beautiful activities.

If you have done any kind of activity that has helped India to fight against coronavirus then let us know at

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  1. Nice work by raj-jayant group

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