Health Ministry Issues New Directive, Tells Hospitals To Be Prepared

Dr Harsh Vardhan Health Minister of India

With respect to an attempt to control the coronavirus outbreak in India, the Health Ministry has issued new directive to the hospitals. The below list highlights them.

  • Non-essential elective surgeries should be postponed.
  • Beds should be set apart and prepared for creating isolation facilities in every public and private hospital.
  • All hospitals should mobilize additional resources including masks, gloves and personal protection equipment.
  • Healthcare personnel should be trained for dealing with any foreseeable emergencies.
  • All doctors, nurses and support staff in different specialities, including pre and para clinical departments, should be mobilized and trained in infection prevention and control practices.
  • Hospitals may ensure that stable patients are discharged as early as possible while further new admissions (of stable patients) are also restricted.
  • All hospitals should carry out a preparedness drill on Sunday, 22nd March 2020.
  • All hospitals must provide treatment free of cost to any medical personnel who pick up infection while treating patients.
  • No suspected COVID 19 patient should be turned away from any hospital and the admission of any such patient should be notified to NCDC or IDSP immediately. Similarly, all pneumonia patients must also be notified to NCDC or IDSP so that they can be tested for COVID 19.
  • All ongoing examinations may be rescheduled after 31.03.2020.
  • Leave of all kinds (except under emergency and unavoidable circumstances) may be cancelled immediately.

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