7 Tests Positive In Gujarat, Coronavirus Cases In India Now At 227

Coronavirus in Gujarat

Sources in Gujarat have confirmed 7 positive cases of the coronavirusAhmedabad-3, Vadodara-2, Surat-1, Rajkot-1

The patients from Ahmedabad traveled from Finland and New York. The Rajkot patient, coming in from Mecca, landed in Mumbai and then traveled to Rajkot by train. The case from Surat is a person who returned from the UK, while the one from Vadodara had traveled to Spain.

Some of them were initially kept on a ventilator and later taken off. Reports indicate that all are now stable.

Health & Family Welfare Department, Government of Gujarat just tweeted and confirmed the new 2 cases, which make a total of 7 positive cases in Gujarat

The state has the capacity to carry out 200 tests per day, as of now. Meanwhile, the state government is advising home quarantine for people returning to India from foreign nations. The new cases in Gujarat increased the number of people affected in the country to 227, of whom 5 people have died.

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