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5 Simple Things to Prevent Yourself From Coronavirus


Situations are on panic due to Covid-19 or Coronavirus outbreak in India. Recently, Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed India about the seriousness of this novel virus. It’s high time we should take care of our health and wellbeing of society. Check out tips to prevent coronavirus.

How to Prevent Coronavirus

1. Social Distancing

The best thing you can do to prevent coronavirus is by avoiding social gatherings. The transmission rate of novel coronavirus is quite high compare to other flues. Avoid public places like malls, theaters, parties, and public gatherings, etc. If possible, stay home and avoid unnecessary meeting up with people. Try to work from home (if your job profile allows). Many businesses are closed to avoid social contact. Basically, keep yourself away from people.

2. Keep It clean, All the time.

Keeping yourself clean all the time helps you to prevent coronavirus. You can use hand sanitizers, hygiene liquid and soap to stay clean. Mobile phones are often touched and have more bacterias than you could ever imagine. Clean your phone, rings, watches, etc.

Take a warm water bath with few lemon drops, and neem leaves. It’s one of the good home remedies for skin hygiene.

Prevent Coronavirus

3. Use masks, hand gloves, glasses

Using masks is really important when you are in social connect. Just like masks, Hand gloves are quite important too. As in a day to day routine you have to touch/hold/press many spots which are being touched/held/pressed by many people. Glasses give you extra protection and ofcourse look.

4. Avoid street food, Go for the homemade healthy veg meal.

It’s all about hygiene. Street foods are very low on hygiene standards, avoid it. Go for the homemade healthy vitamin C enrich veg meal. Strictly avoid any kind of meat or egg. Eat honey to strengthen the immunity and use boil water to prevent flues.

5. Check for symptoms, Don’t Panic

If you feel uneasy, don’t panic. Check for symptoms. Even though you have similar symptoms it’s not always a COVID19. You can consult your family doctor over a call. Don’t reach to any conclusion without consulting a doctor. Do not rush unnecessarily to the clinic/hospitals.


Distance yourself from people, Distance yourself from coronavirus. Always keep hygiene, drink more water and stay healthy.

Global Deaths From Coronavirus Exceeds 10000

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